I’m really into leftovers. We had a bit of leftover mash recently and I made them into really good potato farls to go with the bacon and eggs of a delicious Saturday brunch. They are unspeakably easy to make and look very beautiful and a little impressive on a plate. Here’s what you need:

A ratio of 2:1 with mashed potato:flour
Butter and olive oil
A tablespoon of water

Put your potato and flour into a bowl and season with salt. Rub it all together nicely. My leftover mash always has butter in it – if yours does not, you may wish to add some melted butter at this point. If the mixture seems crumbly, add a little water or milk to form a good firm dough.

Roll out on a floured surface to just 0.5cm thick to about the size of a dinner plate. If you want to be more efficient than I was, roll it out to a circle that will fit in your frying pan! I made mine far too large, but was too lazy to re-do it. I ended up frying them one at a time, like some kind of idiot. 😦

Cut your circle into four quarters, as is the traditional style of a farl.

Heat a non-stick pan and add a little drop of oil and a smear of butter.

Gently lift them into the pan. Cook the farls until golden and beautiful.

Serve while still piping hot. Yumaroo.